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POST Brexit Update and travel advice

French authorities have given advice on the requirements for private boat owners in the case of a ‘No deal’ Brexit.

On their first arrival in France from Jersey, vessels are required to clear Customs and Immigration at a designated port of arrival. The requirement will be to notify the port authority at that designated port of their arrival. The port authority will notify the relevant border officials.

If, in exceptional circumstances, a vessel’s first port of arrival is not a designated port, that port authority must be notified to allow entry.

The designated ports (Points de Passage Frontalier or PPF) relevant to the Channel Islands are Brest, Carteret, Cherbourg, Granville, Roscoff, St Brieuc and St Malo.

For more information please click here for the official gov.je page and updates


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Sailing Calendar 2019




Youth / Adult Sailing Scheme – Course Dates and Information 2018 (for children aged 8 – 13) Hobie Dragoon – Introduction to Racing (for children aged 12+)

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The Optimist Dinghy

The International Optimist dinghy (“Oppy”) is specifically designed to be sailed by children up to the age of 15.

It is sailed around the world with a highly organised class organisation giving children the opportunity to participate in events at club, regional, national and international level.

The Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club is keen to encourage an early introduction to dinghy sailing and Optimist courses are run for the youngest beginners starting at 7 years.  The aim of the courses is to keep the formula simple and above all make the children’s first impression of sailing fun in a safe environment.

Oppy Training is run by qualified young instructors with assistants. As a mainly voluntary organisation we need parents to assist rigging and launching boats as well as manning support boats and coaching on the water – those new to sailing are encouraged and trained to get involved!





Hobie Dragoons – Cadet Sailing

The Club’s Cadets are able to participate in the Hobie Dragoon ‘Summer Fun Series’ races and also the Spring and Winter series. This is linked to the main Hobie Fleet racing, the more experienced Juniors are invited to sail in the Club Regattas. There are also regular training events for them to participate, where they are introduced to and taught racing techniques. Cadets are required to have some experience sailing on the Clubs Wayfarers before joining the Dragoons. Starting age is 11 years, although if they have participated in dinghy activity, prior to that, they can be considered for the Dragoons at a younger age. RCIYC Junior crews have represented Jersey at Hobie Dragoon National, International and World Championships.  

Hobie Fleet Racing

 The RCIYC has a flourishing Hobie Fleet which has been part of the Club since 2000. Over 30 Hobie Cats race on a regular basis including Tigers and Wildcats, with the Hobie 16’s it has the largest one design sailing class racing in the Channel Islands. There are around 50 races a year to challenge the keen Hobie crews in an active programme, including the Spring, Summer, Winter series and distance events, as well as the Clubs major Regattas. Teams representing the Club and Jersey attend International Championship events and has National and European Champions amongst its members.The Hobie Fleet working in conjunction with the Club has successfully staged National and European Championships in the Island. An ‘A’ Fleet and ‘B’ Fleet participate in the series racing, the latter allows entry level sailors to begin racing, where training and support for new crews is provided. The Fleet also put on Open days and Taster/Trial sessions for anyone interested in becoming involved. Most of the racing and training activity takes place in St. Aubin’s bay.


To this year’s Hobie Multi Worlds & Europeans in La Rochelle from the 17th to 27th July 2019 this event is right on our doorstep and so easy to get to so please contact the club for more information on how to come and support such an excellent venue and sailing location.

 HOBIE 16 WORLDS Florida November 2019 – looks like we have some Fleet takers for this event as well - Exciting times!




The Wayfarer dinghies

The Club runs four Wayfarer dinghies, which are boats that can take three cadets and an instructor.  Sailing starts in May of each year and continues until November when the boats are brought ashore for the winter.  Cadets sail most Saturdays during this period and depend very much on the weather, volunteer helpers, and instructors to ensure a full sailing programme. The normal lower age limit is 12 but there are exceptions where younger children demonstrate keenness and have some prior experience. 


Important info

In all cases, they must be competent swimmers and keen to learn.  Once bitten by the sailing bug, Cadets may continue to sail the Wayfarers and/or the Club’s Hobie Dragoons. Cadets pay £8 for each weekend that they sail.